We created an interactive game controlled with gestures for the young on Kinder Surprise’s 40th birthday. A 55-inch totem with a motion device which stood in Zlote Tarasy detected every person that came close to it and Kinderino invited them to have fun together.

The game’s action took place in a lunapark where Kinderino, together with his friends, threw his birthday party. The idea was to get as many balloons as possible in one minute using only your hands. The whole game was based on Kinect technology which enables the user to play it with their body movement while this movement is analyzed in real-time, here and now. Thanks to that Kinderino, displayed on the screen, did exactly the same things as you: moved hands and legs, and even jumped. This is what made the game a great form of entertainment- it enabled children to stay active and develop their mobility and coordination.

The project was created in cooperation with Isobar agency and Screen Networks.