Multi-touch Apps

What We Do

Creative concept / support at the design stage
Implementing the concept on client?s selected advertising medium / application development
Rental of equipment needed to display the application (touch screens, motion sensors, seamless display walls, LED monitors, interactive totems)
Technical support for the duration of the project / project coordination

Multi-touch applications

Using a unique Touch-e Pro technology, we create applications dedicated for touch screens. They can serve as sales support during promotional events, on fairs or in the client?s office.

Touch-e Pro has a multi-touch interface and as one of the most efficient and modern advertising tools allows the users to quickly learn about the promoted product or service in an interesting and engaging way.

Our technologies used on multi-touch screens make it possible to explore the displayed content in a fascinating way, e.g. turn 3D models of products around or configure them in a chosen way. The user can also obtain technical information included in the electronic version of the offer.

Touch-e Pro increases users involvement, inspires them to interact with the product and encourages them to share their needs using simple, intuitive solutions.