Timberland Campaign

Lemon&Orange crated a virtual fitting room for Timberland where people could try out clothes from the newest collection without actually wearing them. Dorota Williams supported the action and gave some advice on fashion in Mokotow Gallery on 25th October 2014.

The device followed the person’s movement and analyzed it in real-time thanks to Kinect technology. When a person got close to it, the app scanned the person’s face, took a picture and looked for a good model for it. On an 80-inch screen, using their gestures, they could freely change their outfits- jackets, jumpers, trousers and shoes. The person could go back to the previous outfit and make some changes anytime they wanted. At the end their new look was saved and sent by e-mail to the person who created it and also put in gallery on Timberland’s fan page. The outfit could have also been shared on Facebook following the link from the e-mail.

A special app for iPad was enabled for customers visiting Timberland in Mokotow Gallery. Tablet version took a picture of the face and put it on a model. Later, by using touch screen, the person could have changed the clothes freely. Like before, the outfit was sent by e-mail and could have been shared on Facebook.

A Facebook app is being created for those who could not use it in Mokotow Gallery. In a moment on Timberland’s fan page everyone will be able to create their own stylish outfits.