Fruitology – gesture-based game

Touch-e Play is one of the first coin-operated arcade games played only using motion and gestures in a completely touchless system.
This revolution in the game technology will transform the entertainment world and multiply sales results of game operators.

But that is not all : Touch-e Play is also probably one of the first coin-operated arcade machine developped by Lemon&Orange team which detects the presence of passers-by and encourages them to interaction using visual and sound efects.

Touchless fun is possible thanks to a motion sensor placed under a 47-inch display monitor. The sensor follows user?s movements and transfers them onto the screen. Touch-e Play has a built-in coin validator. This allows to charge players for the game. However, the validator can be deactivated, making the game free.

Touch-e Play automat is delivered with a dedicated game ‘Fruitology’ created by the experienced Lemon&Orange team. In ‘Fruitology’ player becomes a ninja warrior whose task is to cut through the fruit tossed in the air. He operates his blade using only gestures. When the player moves in front of the arcade machine, he sees ninja?s shadow on the screen while he cuts through virtual fruit by waving his

The game features Touch-e Tracking module which allows to detect passers-by. When a potential player appears in the motion sensor’s field, the screen displays eyes of the warrior which follow him in real time. At the same time, the passer-by is encouraged to play ‘Fruitology’ by the warrior’s voice coming from the speakers (saying for example: I have been watching you and I know you want to play this game?).