Lemon & Orange together with D.N.A. Group created a special ‘Unexpected’ zone to celebrate its 10 years of existence. On 11th and 12th October 2014 anyone who visited Arcadia could see what it is like to be in a jungle.

The aim was to shock our guests. We asked a person to enter a dark room where they could find only a 60-inch monitor and a movement-controlled camera. What indicated that they have just been placed in a jungle was an image of a monkey on the screen and the sound they could hear. When the person decided to move and the camera registered any sort of movement, the monkey which was calm before, started attacking the volunteer. In that moment we took a picture of the person to see the look on their faces.

The event has been created only for those who have nerves of steel and were willing to find out what ‘Stay Shocked’ meant.