Interactive Applications

What We Do

Creative concept / support at the design stage
Implementing the concept on client’s selected advertising medium / application development
Rental of equipment needed to display the application (touch screens, motion sensors, seamless display walls, LED monitors, interactive totems)
Technical support for the duration of the project / project coordination

Motion control

Our applications based on systems of infrared sensors and motion control technology allow the software to interactively ‘follow’ passers-by within the device’s range of operation. For instance, it is possible to display on the screen an advertising message above the head of a person walking by (e.g. in a speech bubble). It is a unique form of non-volitional marketing where the passer-by involuntarily becomes a part of the advertising content.

Motion activated campaigns from the unique Touch-e Motion series allow to reach clients in an interactive way and are much more efficient than printed advertising materials.

Gesture control

Gesture control solutions help operate data displayed by the computer using gestures, i.e. without the need to touch the monitor or the keyboard. Touch-e Gesture system developed by Lemon&Orange IT team allows to promote various products and services in the sales office as well as during fairs and promotional events.

Touch-e Gesture technology uses real time rendering in 3D, gesture control and augmented reality, bringing every user of the application a remarkable experience unlike any other.

Applications and games designed by Lemon&Orange are dedicated solutions which can also be transferred to such devices as smartphones and tablets or to websites.

All products from the Touch-e series are based on a Real Time engine, which:

  • allows the users to explore products using touch or gestures and to configure them in 2D and in 3D in real time;
  • allows to present products technical specifications in an engaging, interactive manner (3D models, videos, photographs) and allows to sell a product at the design stage, before it is actually manufactured;
  • allows to change information about products and services (also remotely), which is why an interactive application is always more up to date than a printed catalogue

Viacom & Comedy Central


Coca Cola

Arkadia Virtual Zoo


Gesture-based football game

Nokia Lumia 610 campaign – gesture control

Fruitology: gesture-based game