Fortuna Awesome Project

How should you celebrate the 165th birthday of Jasper Newton Daniels, generally known as the whiskey legend – Jack Daniels? With a toast, of course! And since it is not every day that you turn 165, it’s best to think big – for instance by launching a month-long promotional event in Dubai Duty Free, world’s largest luxurious duty free zone.

To celebrate the action #cheers2jack, Lemon & Orange developed special interactive stands. Located in 8 places throughout the shopping center, they are a nice surprise for every fan of the golden drink.

Visually attractive shelves feature branding encouraging passers-by to participate in the action #cheers2jack, a stylish counter and two classic – and full – Old Fashioned glasses. Though it is not indicated in anyway, the counters show the current number of toasts to Jack made in that particular place.
Moreover, another counter located in the most visible spot in the shopping center displays the total number of toasts in all stands in Dubai Duty Free.

How can you explain this magic? One of the glasses stands on a special sensor which registers every time it is picked up – thereby counting every toast. These data are sent to computers which sum them up and transfer appropriate numbers to specific counters. The process is discrete – neither of the gentlemen who decide to drink to the old Daniels’ health, is aware what is happening. Moreover, the counters are not designed as an ordinary LCD screen – instead, we used a classic and interesting flip meters associated mainly with railway stations and airports.
However, we must finish on a sad note – unfortunately, the glasses have been filled with a gel imitation of Jack Daniels whiskey, but we are sure that every interested customer reached for one of the bottles provided on a special display to repeat that toast – this time without any unnecessary imitations.