InnoTrans- the biggest rail transport fairs in the world took place from 23rd to 26th October 2014 in Berlin. We created innovative technologies for Dellener- the global producer of elements that join carriages together.

Our goal was to present Dellner’s technologies, including the newest passage between carriages and couplers- devices that join carriages. Choosing proper technologies enabled us to present highly specialist solutions in a very interesting way.

To show people how the newest passage between carriages works we created a virtual image of it with Oculus Rift. The person who put the special glasses on was placed inside a moving train. Once they made it to the passage, icons representing nine unique solutions used by Dellner appeared. When the person looked at any of them they could see how each of them works. Animation in 3D helped to show how the passage works while turning and understand how things placed in the passage react.

The second app, which was controlled with hand movement and touch, has been created in order to give some information about the manufacturer and the couplers. Thanks to the touch screen and ‘leap motion’ system, the user could read about, watch videos of and see Dellner’s products in 3D. The app had also an augmented reality screensaver in a form of clouds which used motion sensor to detect movement. Once a person got close, it displayed ads above their heads what helped to draw people’s attention to the manufacturer’s stall.

The apps were created in cooperation with Real Time Experience.