Lemon & Orange created two interactive apps for AMC Networks on PIKE in Łódź from 6th to 8th October 2014.

First thing we placed a camera to monitor the stall which sent real-time image to a 70-inch monitor. 60 second animations, which’s theme were some of AMC Network’s channels, were played on that screen and created kind of a ‘natural window’ for people who passed by. In those animations we created different characters for different channels- a thief for CBS Action or four bikers doing stunts just above the tables for Extreme Channel. Outdoor Channel in turn was whole underwater with a shark swimming around. The proper usage of sound effects helped to receive those animations to a greater extent.

Presenting AMC Networks International Zone’s offer was the aim of the second app. This one used a 77-inch touch monitor and anyone who came close to it could interact with icons that could have been moved freely. Each icon referred to a particular channel. Once a person touched channel’s name they could see everything about it- general information, gallery and videos.

The stall was created in cooperation with RTE agency and AMC Networks International Zone.