Color 4D – app

Kids every age all over the world love coloring books. They are still as popular and entertaining as one hundred years ago, but that does not mean that this type of fun can’t be made a little more modern – which child wouldn’t want to see the animal they colored suddenly come alive?

To fulfill their dreams, we created the Color4D application, a pioneer way to link the traditional world of coloring books with augmented reality technology.
How does it work? We start in the well-known way – the child colors a shark, a tiger or any other character from the special set. When the chosen animal is already colorful, the second stage begins – the child can easily make it come alive! All it has to do is start the mobile application Color4D, point the camera on the phone or tablet to the coloring book and a second later it will see the animal playing on the screen!

The animated objects are colored the same way as in the coloring book, so the child can create an imaginary world and see it in his mobile device. The augmented reality technology means that the animated animals can be observed from any perspective and distance. The objects are animated with reference to the page in the coloring book – we can walk around it to see the animation from every angle or move the book. Some animated characters can be interacted with – the child can make a dragon belch fire or frighten a bird on a tree branch.
Naturally, you can take photographs and make films with the animated characters and present these in social media. Animated objects can also be enlarged or shrunk to accommodate for various sizes of screens.

Color4D is both fun and education – coloring develops creativity and precision in children, while the virtual part of the app is entertainment for the whole family. It is possible to color in a group, choosing colors together and enjoying the augmented reality animals. The children won’t want to put the book away!
The application works on most popular devices with Android and iOS systems.