COCA COLA – Virtual Reality App

Fortuna Awesome Project

Before Coca-Cola bottles can reach our homes, they need to reach the stores – most often, that means attractive stands created especially for the Coca-Cola brand. The Coca-Cola B2B Department offers a vast array of expositors, from small can baskets located near cash desks to unique expositors designed for large stores. Moreover, this range is continually broadened by new attractive formats or options for the holiday season. There can be no doubt that the products provided by Coca-Cola B2B division will meet the needs of any business.

However, the developing offer of expositors can also pose a problem – how can the B2B Department present it in an attractive and efficient manner? How should they help businesses choose the right stand for their requirements? And how can they introduce new holiday-season models, when it is not possible to simply display them in the store?

We solved that problem using Augmented Reality technology. By designing a special platform using Oculus Rift headset, we offer users a tour of a virtual store and present them with various types of special holiday-season versions of Coca-Cola expositors. The user can choose the space he is interested in – a hypermarket, a supermarket or a small store – and stop by the different kinds of stands to check how they fit in with the rest of the store.

This attractive display is memorable and functional, as it allows store-owners to select expositors suiting their needs. Moreover, this can happen many weeks before the actual stands have been manufactured!
The system was launched during an event organized by Coca-Cola’s partner – Carrefour – and all its stores have been visually adjusted to become their partner stores.