Working for Visa – supplier of payment solutions – Lemon&Orange created one of the largest interactive augmented reality based campaigns in Poland. The road show for the campaign “Try something new with Visa” using augmented reality technology featured events in Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław and Gdansk.

During the four weekend promotional events, residents of the largest Polish cities could experience “something new”. It was possible thanks to augmented reality technology combining the real world with the computer-generated one. Images from the camera directed at the event participants were displayed on a 15m2 LED screen. When someone entered a marked white circle, the screen displayed additional animated objects and characters. Visitors to the shopping mall could see and hear an elephant passing by, pet a panda bear and a giraffe, high-five some monkeys and become a member of a family of penguins. What is more, they could see themselves on the Moon, on a desert island surrounded by sharks, or abducted in an alien space ship! But that is not all…

The application devised by Lemon&Orange allowed users to take photos during their interaction with animated characters and objects. Later they could browse them on a touch screen and – using an iPad dedicated application – choose the best pictures, add comments and send them to a chosen e-mail address. The e-mail included also links allowing to automatically share the photograph on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These photographs were also entered in the “Try something new with Visa” photo-competition .

The events took place in four shopping malls: Złote Tarasy in Warsaw, Bonarka shopping centre in Krakow, Magnolia shopping centre in Wrocław and Galeria Bałtycka in Gdańsk. Promotional activities were organized in cooperation with NewLookGroup, MEC media house and Saatchi&Saatchi agency.