From 20 to 22 December 2013, passersby in selected shopping malls in 11 cities throughout Poland could enter the virtual world of the South Park series thanks to Augmented Reality technology. The campaign was part of a Christmas promotional campaign for the Comedy Central channel and NC+ digital platform.

For the purposes of this event we prepared 5 short 2D animations with characters from the show. The animations were triggered randomly when a new user appeared in front of a motion sensor placed on an interactive totem. To allow passers-by to become a part of the animated world of South Park, we devised a technology which removed in real time the background behind users in front of the screen. This means that a person standing in front of an interactive totem – which served as a virtual mirror – automatically saw herself in the world of the show together with the cartoon characters.

Hostesses, who operated the device using a touch screen, could change the background behind the user, take his picture, send it to an e-mail address requested by the user or share it on the NC+ fanpage. Thanks to the dedicated application, users received their photographs and a Christmas offer of the NC+ platform in one pdf. file. The photo and the offer were automatically combined by the program.

The campaign was organized in cooperation with the owner of the Comedy Central channel – Viacom and NC+ digital platform.

The event in numbers:

11 parallel locations
10 interactive totems
1 videowall (3×3)
5 animations of 2D characters
Over 2500 sent photographs and offers (pdf)
Over 700 shares on FB (NC+)
Record breaking sales of NC+ offers in 3 locations
6800 kilometers
54 people servicing the event
Lemon&Orange was responsible both for designing and implementing the application, as well as technical support of the event.