Coca Cola – event

MAD Video Music Awards is the largest celebration of music videos in Greece – an event organized by the Greek music channel organized since 11 years. During MAD VMA, hundreds of thousands of Greeks vote for their favorite videos and the lucky few present in the venue witness fantastic concerts and a phenomenal show. The main partner of the event is Coca-Cola, a company associated with fun and happiness all over the world.
Together with Coca-Cola, we organized a promotional action to celebrate 100th anniversary of one of its most iconic symbols – the glass Coca-Cola bottle. The brand honored the occasion with the hashtag #kisshappiness, reminding everyone about the joy brought by Coca-Cola from the first sip. They wanted to show that particular moment in time to the thousands of viewers – but how does one go about that?
To help with that task, we devised a special software for the festival. The hostesses gave out bottles of Coke to the members of the audience and took their photographs using a special app. The photos were then displayed on a large screen as a dynamic mosaic composed of hundreds of faces of people drinking from the iconic Coke bottle. It was the perfect visualization of the slogan #kisshappiness and an unforgettable image.
The app allowed also to post the photo on Facebook signed by the action’s hashtag – so that the event could be remembered long after MAD Video Music Awards was over.