Bakoma – app

The mobile application “7 zbóż” was created for Bakoma yogurt product campaign. After launching the app, users could interact with Kłosiak – the brand hero of 7 zbóż, who reacted to their actions. If users blew on the screen, Kłosiak lost grains from his ear and made a sad face.

Tickling Kłosiak made him burst with laughter. And if you shook your phone, Kłosiak held to the edges of the screen in panic, trying to keep his balance. If you turned the screen by 90 degrees, our hero pulled out a pillow and immediately fell asleep.
The app included also an augmented reality module. If you scanned the top of the yogurt an animated 3D Kłosiak animation appeared on your telephone screen, displaying one of six 7-second long animation of the hero in different situations:
– holding out a bunch of flowers,
– blowing a kiss,
– kneeling down with a ring, proposing,
– putting on perfume from a giant perfume bottle,
– presenting his huge muscles,
– showing his love with a gesture.

It was possible to take a photo of the animated Kłosiak and send it to a chosen recipient. But that is not all – app users could take a selfie with Kłosiak and enter a competition with attractive prices. The app also included two games the users could enjoy in their free time: Bubble Shooter and Follow me! In the first one, players make bubbles disappear by matching their colors. The second one is a variation of the classic game ‘snake’ – you collect grains raining from the sky.
The app will soon be available in Google Play store (for Android) and App Store (for iOS)